Monday, 15 January 2018

You Are EP By Angellyrics Produced By Ogi Feel The Beat

In the beginning of 2017 i had no clue that by the end of that year i would have an Ep out.I have had two songs out before but my voice was not on the tracks.I am basically a lyric writer who had to become a songwriter because it's not easy getting people who can work with words alone.Then as a songwriter getting people to sing your songs is another story and a tricky one.I decided to look for a producer who would like to do collaborations for synchronizations, streaming or maybe demos.Because this works for many indie artists.Cant wait forever for musicians or record labels to want my music though i will always want to work with musicians.Necessity is the mother of invention so i just decided to go with the flow.I needed to do music whichever way. Because there are many ways to do music.I placed an advertisement looking for a producer to collaborate with at Music Gateway.

Music Gateway is a b2b business platform connecting the professionals across the creative industries to work together through projects.Music Gateway platform, the Private Network allows record labels, publishers, music supervisors and other creatives to manage their network of artists, composers and or trusted sources. What works perfectly for members of this platform is getting music collaborations. I got a number of producers interested in working with me but only one fit my needs.I sent him my first vocal melody which was You Are and he did magic with it.We have worked on three other tracks that are Baby Boo,As I Am and Breath for the EP.I also have worked on two other tracks for his albums one of them is called About You.

This amazing producer is known as Ogi Feel The Beat.He is an experienced producer from Serbia.Here is his website you can buy beats from him.He specializes in making beats in many music genre's like Hiphop, Electronic,TripHop, Trance and many more.

I never thought i would do TripHop music but i loved what Ogi feel the beat did with the vocal melodies. I guess you must go where the dream takes you.I am a songwriter with an EP out for streaming and more.I first released each of the tracks out as singles for streaming and synchronizations.Then Ogi feel the beat suggested we do an Ep.First i was like i am not a singer or musician but i couldn't let a blessing like this slip away.So i went with the flow.

Our single You Are has made it to a dance compilation called Dance Move Addiction on Deezer.

All the songs as singles are available on Spotify,iTunes,Apple Music,Amazon,Google Play,Deezer,YouTube Music,Microsoft Groove.

The Ep You Are is available in Spotify,iTunes,Apple Music,Amazon,Google Play,Deezer,YouTube Music,Microsoft Groove.

The EP You Are has an additional intro,skit and outro.The genre is TripHop under Electronic music.The basis of my lyrics are mostly RnB and Pop music and so TripHop isnt too far away from that cause i do enjoy some HipHop and Dance music.The best thing about lyrics and vocal melodies is that you can do alot with them.

I was able to get the music online for sales and streaming at a very affordable one time fee per year and i am free to put up as many songs as i want because of the amazing services of Distro Kid.If you need a good an affordable​ and convenient online music distributor join here and you will get a special discount.

My biggest inspiration right now is Trey Songz. His words believe in yourself the most are the words i have to keep reminding myself over and over. The first time i had the first single up on iTunes felt like a first achievement.It was a high five moment to have music on the same platforms as someone like Trey Songz who inspires me so much.I thank God for everything. Its all about just going with and sticking with the process and believing.So i guess i am underground indie lyricist/songwriter with an EP out courtesy of an amazing producer Ogi Feel The Beat.

You Are EP 1.Intro (beats by Ogi Feel The Beat) 2.You Are (a happy love song) 3.Baby Boo (a crushing on love song) 4.Skit (beats by Ogi Feel The Beat) 5.As I Am ( inspiration song) 6.Breath (inspiration love song) 7.Outro (beats by Ogi Feel The Beat)

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Year Resolutions On Twitter

When it comes to New Year's Resolutions some people make them while others don't.Here are some from Twitter.They don't work like magic you have to work on them and stay commited or don't make them at all.
#NewYearsResolutions Things to quit : 1. Living in the past 2. Fearing change 3. Being afraid to be different 4. Trying to please everyone 5. Crying over spilt milk 6. Thinking you're not good enough 7. Thinking your life has no purpose Keep adding to the list....
A day without laughter is a day wasted ~Charlie Chaplin ~ #quote #motivation #happyWednesday #keepsmiling #NewYearsResolutions 🎉🎉😆

Let's just ditch
#NewYearsResolutions and go with the words of two very wise
#NewYearsResolutions •More books less phone •More humility less pride •More discipline less procrastination/binging
Yeah, I’ll be making a lot of casual promises to myself again this year!

#NewYearsResolutions To continuously hound @AmberRuddHR for a @orgreavejustice inquiry before she is either sacked from office or looses her seat in a general election.
Tory MP: I'm having a party tonight,fancy coming? Labour MP with a #conscience : No thanks, but I'll see you in Parliament tomorrow to discuss cuts to essential services
#NewYearsResolutions Don't turn a blind eye & take an 'I'm alright Jack' attitude In with the in crowd.
#NewYearsResolutions Respect myself, not just others. End each day with a positive. Stop beating myself up. Open up and stop bottling things. Look after myself better. Unravel what's behind negative thoughts. Take time out for me. I CAN DO THIS Observe my feelings. Never give up.
Want 2018 to be as smooth as these pancakes #NewYearsResolutions

2018 is around the corner. Remove the negativity from your life. Stay away from anyone who doesn’t believe in you. Do it for yourself.
#Truth #NewYearsResolutions
#NewYearsResolutions 1. Finish writing the book I began in 2017 2. And that other one I plotted in 2016 and resolved to write in 2017 3. Plot that idea I came up with in 2015 and resolved to write in 2016 4. Go back and edit that book from 2014 which was 2015s resolution 😂🤣😜
#NewYearsResolutions 1. Don't 2. See 1. For more information please reread this tweet

Set yourself personal goals and targets. Make them about what you want to achieve or experience; not what pleases other people or what you think others expect of you.
#NewYearsResolutions In a tiny way keep helping towards extinguishing the fires coming towards us. Even if it's only with a watering can of a small Twitter account. #NewYearsResolutions 1. Gain back what I have lost by sheer stupidity. 2. Lose what I have gained by sheer stupidity. That's it.
To continue my fight against this vile @Conservatives party until we have #JeremyCorbyn as #PM #NewYearsResolutions Are your finances suffering from "lifestyle creep"? The FT's Jason Butler has some.

#NewYearsResolutions you need to read: #ThursdayThoughts To keep #tweeting @AmberRuddHR until we get #orgreavejustice
#inquirynow #NewYearsResolutions
#NewYearsResolutions time Hey guys, I’m ahead of the game. I started some #NewYearsResolutions early and have already quit them.
My # lNewYearsResolutions is to be FILTHY rich Rich in Friendship Rich in Intellect Rich in Love Rich in Teamwork Rich in Happiness Rich in Youth. IM CLEVER RIGHT?!

Some #Resist New Years Resolutions for 2018:
#NextYearIPromiseTo #NewYearsResolutions Help send the Tories packing in 2018 because Britain needs a Labour Government.
I am a priority.
#NewYearsResolutions Are these your goals too? 🤔
#NewYearsResolutions #goals

Take some time to slow down this week and reflect
Want to stop the hate? When you pop down to your local newsagents, stop buying the hate.
Have a good week Ladies 🥂 Any
#NewYearsResolutions yet? 😉
We Will fight to fully fund CHIP. States are running out of CHIP funding, and we must act quickly.

The rise of right-wing populism in the 1930s led to horrific consequences. We ignore the lessons of history at our peril. #NewYearsResolutions
When even 'The Man from the Daily Mail' is highlighting growing support for Irish Unity you know something big is happening - so, let's deliver it!
#NewYearsResolutions To pity undemocratic Remoaners & not laugh at them.
For the rest of the week, we'll be sharing our #NewYearsresolutions. #1 on the list: No more holding on to baggage from the past.
Just one Elect a Labour Government #NewYearsResolutions
Only 8% of people achieve
#NewYearsResolutions . See the science behind why our brains may be to blame.
I should open a Gym called
#NewYearsResolutions For the first month it will be a regular gym, then it will turn into a pub.
Happy New Year, Y'all. 🍻 May it be all that you deserve.
How are your #NewYearsResolutions coming all year long
#NewYearsResolutions Undermine the far-right Help stop or weaken Brexit Mute every xenophobic idiot who rants at me as a result of this tweet Start all resolutions the moment I think of them, not on some arbitrarily defined date of transformation